Ducati 2 valve racing engine

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Ducati Traditional 2 Valve - Adjusting Valve Clearances

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ducati 2 valve racing engine

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Why Does Ducati Stick With Desmodromic Valve Operation?

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Valve, Intake, Stainless Steel, 2. Length, Beadlock, Chevy, Ford, Each. Valve, Intake, 2. Diameter, Chevy, 6.It quickly became apparent racing against the Japanese bikes that yes, the Ducati handled better, but was really down on power. So you had to ride really hard in the corners to make up the lost ground. I never considered myself one of the really fast guys, just a fairly fast club racer. Getting passed at Warp 9 by Freddie on the banking at Daytona in Superbike practice is really humbling.

Now I should caution everyone that what I have learned about building a Ducati racebike and engine modifications is A way of doing things. There are probably many other ways. I think that I have learned to be somewhat open-minded about this. Jim Woods started out the racing project with a lot of good ideas. I went along with them until Jim introduced me to C. I had read about Axtell. He was always referred to as "the legendary" in the cycle magazines.

I quickly found out why. During the rest of this I will refer to Ax frequently for very good reasons. Apart from his role in providing some of the HP that has been so important to many a race winner he is just one very smart and engaging guy. I have been fortunate enough to be around good and even great scientific people for most of my career.

He would put most of them to shame. He is now semi-retired and we talk occasionally on the phone, usually about jazz. He designs camshafts now and has done work for some of the big car racing teams and builders. The sump carries over 4-L of oil! How come the crank is running dry?

It is really very simple. Axtell looked at the internal case design and said, "Our Italian cousins are so smart in other areas, how come they made the drainback holes so small?

The oil pump pickup is sure to starve. This oil has got to have a way to get back down away from all of these rotating parts. In addition to pump starvation that is lost HP. There are just a few small slots separating the sump from the crank and transmission cavities. The fix? The crank area has a weir lip in the cases that is designed to strip the oil from the crank counterweights and direct it back to this area.

The pan just needs more holes to drain back to the pump pickup See pictue below. Install smaller orifices in place of the dowels between the cylinders and heads that carry oil to the heads. Diameter ID we used for the roller crank was: 0.

ducati 2 valve racing engine

Even the factory suggests removing that for racing. The stock head drains go through the cylinders and fall right on the crankshaft.There was also the Ducati Imola Desmo that won at Imola in These engines had bevel gear shaft drive to the overhead camshaft, and were produced in round, square, and Mille crankcases. In the s these gave way to the belt drive camshaft engines that have continued to this day, in air-cooled and liquid-cooled form.

The Mille used a plain bearing crank, like the belt models. A two-cylinder engine with its cylinders aligned in two banks radiating out from the crankshaft, forming a V angle, is called a V-twin.

The Ducati V-twin has the V tilted forward so the front cylinder is nearly parallel to the ground, hence the term L-twin. Ducati engineer, Fabio Taglionionce said that when they started building the plain bearing crank, belt driven camshaft enginesinstead of the old ball bearing crank, bevel geared shaft drive camshaft engineshe had gone from making complex engines to making simple ones.

ducati 2 valve racing engine

From there have also been Ducati multivalve motorcycles. By April his drawings were completed, and by July, there was a running motor. By Augustthere was a complete prototype motorcycle. Taglioni engaged Leopoldo Tartarini, the founder of Italjetto refine the styling aspects of the new Ducati. In Octoberthe decision was made by Ducati to re enter motorcycle competition. Ducati felt that this would demonstrate the bike before a large audience and gain publicity. If they won, that was a bonus.

Even before this, in lateand despite Taglioni's opposition to the idea, Spairani wanted the frame for Ducati's racer to be built by Colin Seeleya well-known British specialist frame builder of the time. Seeley was asked to develop a racing frame similar to those he had built for G50 Matchless engines.

They sent some prototype crankcases for Seeley to work from. Ducati's new Seely frame was ready in February Meanwhile, in less than six months, Fabio Taglioni and his team had designed and built their own complete bike The industry norm for concept to production is three years.

It had Ignition was electronic, provided by nearby Ducati Elettrotecnica, but was initially unreliable.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Ducati's use a unique method to open and close their valves. It's called the desmodromic valve train.

ducati 2 valve racing engine

The desmodromic valve system does not use springs to close the valve, it uses the cam and has a valve closing lobe. Why did Ducati use this type of valve mechanism as opposed to a more tradition under the bucket shim design? Maintenance and servicing intervals. Mercedes Benz didn't drop the idea of the desmodromic valve actuation because it performed better in ways that made the additional complexities worthwhile.

The desmodromic valve actuation system that Ducati have some patents for is considerably different than the first desmodromic valve actuation systems that were invented and aforementioned. Rotary valves - when correctly implemented - are a far better idea than currently working desmodromic valve actuation and also other popular Valvetrain systems; that lost popularity and funding for to F1 and other decisions.

Theoretically this rotary valve approach resolves many limitations of the poppet valve whilst also offering many other benefits. It still requires springs to be implemented properly and reliably; defeating one of its most commonly considered benefits. Finally, I believe it is mostly for reasons of tradition, heritage, and marketing, that Ducati persist with their desmodromic system on their non MotoGP machines; as it provides very little real-world benefits in those guises.

Given the metallurgy of the day it required a lot of spring pressure to ensure that the spring was push the valve closed. The desmo unit mechanically forces the valve closed as opposed to using spring pressure. This would allow an engine to run at a higher rpm then a unit with a conventional spring poppet valve. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Why did Ducati decide to use the desmodromic valve train rather than a more tradition valve train? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 3 months ago.

Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 11k times. What are the benefits to removing valve springs from the valve train? DucatiKiller DucatiKiller There's a bunch of controversy about it's use in wider applications so I took the link out. Thanks though! Yes, of course. Just inserted it to make it simple for people like me to look up what desmodromic valvetrain is. No problem!

I know your just trying to contribute! Active Oldest Votes. Ducati use desmodromic valve systems because it provides for; A more faithful adherence to both; 1A Not just high speed Valvetrain timing. An alternative to pneumatic Valvetrain design approaches used by other manufacturers in MotoGP; that - if implemented correctly - can also provide both weight savings and also cylinder head port geometry benefits.

Please note how: : a Most comparable Japanese and some European motorcycles using traditional valve-spring alternatives not only reliably rev higher than Ducati's desmodromic valve system, but also do so without loss of power when compared to Ducati.

Zaid JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Email to a Friend. If you use sport- or racecams we always advise to use MBP special valve collets.

All 2 valve engines up from '98 ie modells and got cast pistons, if you are a sporty rider, the pistons should be changed to forged Pistal pistons.

Original DP race cams are not longer available, only as replica, that's the reason for the little price raising! Qty: Add to Cart. Ducati performance camswith best mid and topend ,but less torque in lower and mid therefore ,designed from ducati for sport-race use ,road and race -requires more service of course!

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